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Published: December 10, 2013

Luksong Baka (Sam Morales)

Readers who are interested in photojournalism may want to view the tribute of Magnum/International Center of Photography to Robert Capa. As noted by thephotosociety.org, Capa “was an influential photojournalist of his time and to this day continues to cast a broad and deep shadow in the world of photography and particularly photojournalism.” In 1938, he was considered “The Greatest War Photographer in the World” by Picture Post. His dramatic coverage of the Spanish Civil War had gained him international recognition. Together with Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Seymour, George Rodger, and William Vandivert, he co-founded Magnum Photos in 1947. Capa died as a result of a landmine blast on May 25, 1954 while on assignment in Vietnam for Life magazine.

Inspired by Capa’s famous statement, “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” Magnum/ICP has launched a “Get Closer” campaign on http://getcloser.magnumphotos.com in celebration of Capa’s 100th birthday. From October 22 to January 30, Magnum/ICP will post blog entries highlighting a photograph by a contemporary photographer, paired with one of Robert Capa’s images. The featured photographers write about the inspiration they find in Capa’s work and philosophies. Everyone is encouraged to post their response to each day’s post on social media platforms with #GetCloser100. (The Photo Society)

Bokeh, a new mobile lifeblogging service announced its launching just a few weeks ago. What makes this different from other blogging sites? Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Bokeh is not geared towards broadcasting. In other words, your posts will not show up in other people’s newsfeed. But it is not completely private, too, allowing those close to you to follow along with your life. Bokeh states that it is designed to be more for remembering than broadcasting. The website is organized by date with a month view and a year view. By default, the blog is public. However, you can add a password to your website to keep it private. Bokeh is 100 percent free and unlimited so you can save as many memories as you want. Original, full-resolution versions of all your photos can be automatically saved to your device. Visit Bokeh.com to get started on your blog or download the app directly from the iTunes App Store. The android version is still in development. (PetaPixel)

VSCO, one of the better phone camera apps is now available for free on Google Play Store for Android 4.0+ devices. According to the VSCO site, the presets and tools “yield superior results previously unattainable on Android devices.”

And now to our featured readers.

From Negros Oriental, registered nurse Krystel Rosales writes: “Manila Bulletin is our official newspaper in the clinic. I kept on reading your newspaper and every week I would wait for the section of Picture Perfect. I really get fascinated with the pictures and the stories from different photography enthusiasts. I also love taking pictures, may it be macro setting or landscapes, or portraits. I am a shutterbug. I get inspired when I take good pictures of things that I find cute and places that I’ve been to. I haven’t been into photography classes or any tutorials. I only go with what I think is nice, what angle should I get and the stuff. I thought of sharing my pictures with you so I attached these few snapshots that I took, from my free time, and during my summer vacation.”  Featured today is Krystel’s untitled macro photo of a caterpillar.

Fourth  year mechanical engineering student Leonard Aguas submitted an untitled photo taken during their Shoot for Life project aimed at raising funds for the victims of typhoon Yolanda. “Yung mga photographers po ng Bataan ay nagsama-sama para tumulong sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo. Ginamit po namin yung Shoot for Life para makalikom ng pang donasyon,” he shares.

Other photos on today’s column come from previously featured readers.

From Christian Azurin is the black-and-white photo of a baby resting on the hands of its parents titled “Family Bonding.”

Emerson Sulit shares a photo from the annual festivities held in Angono, Rizal. He writes: “It was held last November 17, 2013 and all seven bands in Angono joined the parade. Me as a musician and now switching to photography, am proud to say that Marching Bands in my home town were one of the best and one of a kind. And it was a big honor to see my own marching band (where I used to be with and proud to be a member), Music Foundation Band - Angono did their best and be noticed. My photography and my passion in music will always make me proud that I am from the land of artists, Angono, Rizal.” His photo is titled “Musicians at its Best in Higantes.”

Gerbs de Castro sent in the photo titled “Reverence” showing a group of people hand in hand while standing in awe of a big old tree.

Geri Bermil, freelance photographer and currently working at NAIA relates the story behind the photo of his child, Yake. He says, the photo was shot while they were waiting for his eldest daughter at their school. He shares: “He asked me what flower he was holding. Then I answered him ‘I don’t know, I forgot.’ ‘Bakit daw hindi ko alam’ (what a shame). I took a shot of him with the flower and asked others nearby just to have an instant answer for his question. I’ve learned a very important thing with this situation. Never ignore every little thing that our children ask and answer them correctly for them to learn from us.” His photo is titled “Gumamela.”

Ma. Lovely Montoya shares a photo (“Colors”) she took along Blumentritt St. “The baby together with the colorful chicks, I find them cute,” she writes.

Mabelle Chlesea T. Punzalan, member of Delta Emerge in Faith Christian Assembly of God, Olongapo City relates that she notices a couple of red dragonflies perched on her “sampayan” every time she does her laundry. Thus she gave them “a little bit of a ‘pictorial.’”

Sam Morales, MMA student from CIIT College of Arts and Technology sent in the photo “Luksong Baka.” She rues that kids have almost stopped playing this game so she “captured this photo to bring us back to our childhood times.”  She says she likes photographing kids because “their sparkling eyes and their innocent smiles give more depth to already compelling stories.”

And from Fr. Sixto M. Bitangjol, OAR is a landscape photo of the Bacolod Government Center.

Readers may now view issues of Picture Perfect including this column with the pictures at www.mbpictureperfect.com.

For comments, suggestions or just to share an image or idea, email rfyparedes@yahoo.com.

Raffy began writing for this column in 2004 (together with his brother Jim Paredes) contributing lighthearted articles encouraging readers to just have fun with photography. Since 2006, it has featured many hundreds of photographs taken by its readers from all over the country and from abroad. Paredes obtained his education at the Ateneo de Manila and the University of the Philippines. He also sits on the Board of Trustees of the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation. (Email: rfyparedes@yahoo.com)
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